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Portola News

Red Cross Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program

Posted:Apr 6 2016, 05:28

The American Red Cross is giving away scholarships!

Would you like to demonstrate your leadership ability? Want to work with the largest humanitarian network in the world? And could you use college scholarship money? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the American Red Cross has a great opportunity for you.

Leaders Save Lives is a scholarship opportunity for high school and college students. You will gain a meaningful leadership and community service experience. In addition, you may become eligible to win a scholarship and earn a gift card! High school students can also earn an automatic tier upgrade for the High School Leadership Program.

For more details please see:  http://www.redcrossblood.org/leaderssavelives

Cub Scout Day Camp -- July 25-29, 2016

Posted:Feb 13 2016, 13:23
2016 Portola Cub Day Camp "Exploring Your World"

Date:  July 25-29, 2016

Location: Firestone Scout Reservation

Cost:$120 before May 7th

           $130 after May 7th

           $150 after June 26

Register:  https://orangecounty.camp-master.com/events/DaycampPortola2016


2nd Thursday of Each Month
7:15pm to 9:00pm
LDS Church
17130 Bastanchury Road, Yorba Linda

Modoc Chapter Meetings (OA)

4th Thursday of Each Month
Placentia United Methodist Church
2050 Valencia Ave, Placentia

Eagle Boards

1st Thursday of Each Month
Brea Lions Scout House
401 S. Brea Blvd, Brea

3rd Thursday of Each Month
LDS Church
17130 Bastanchury Road, Yorba Linda


2014 Dinner Flyer for May 28 dinner.pdf [152.58 KB]
2014 Portola Adult Award Descriptions.pdf [49.99 KB]
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2014 Portola Adult Nomination Form.pdf [140.42 KB]
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2016 Portola Adult Award Descriptions [159.52 KB]
2016 Requirements Combined.pdf [825.7 KB]
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Ameriprise Flier [243.82 KB]
Boy Scouts Day at USC - USC v UofU.pdf [7.33 MB]
Council Training Calendar - 2013.pdf [69.29 KB]
Council Training Flyers - 2013.pdf [511.94 KB]
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Day Camp Flyer Revised with CampMaster Link 02-11-2016.pdf [217.15 KB]
District Membership Chairman job description.doc [29 KB]
Emergency Preparedness Expo.pdf [525.39 KB]
Family FOS Chairman.pdf [155.87 KB]
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FOS Steering Committee Chairman .pdf [38.16 KB]
Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills 2015-10-31.pdf [525.45 KB]
List of Merit Badge Counselors.rtf [150.03 KB]
Major Gifts Campaign Chairman.pdf [107.42 KB]
meritbadge_day_signup.pdf [203.1 KB]
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Planning Guide.docx [479.55 KB]
Portola District Merit Badge Counselor Application.pdf [509.03 KB]
Portola District Organizational Chart - 2013.pdf [38.69 KB]
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Scouting for food vfinal.pdf [187.44 KB]
Stewardship Summary_unit commissioner.docx [67.07 KB]
Webelos camporall please RSVP by July 6 2015.docx [130.37 KB]
What Makes a Trained Leader.pdf [241.28 KB]
You Need Training [15.99 KB]
Zombie Escape.docx [395.37 KB]
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Unfortunately there are no trainings scheduled in our district.

Portola's Cub Scout Daycamp

July 25-29

Firestone Scout Reservation

  • District Chair-elect
  • Position Open
  • Roundtable Commissioner
  • Position Open
  • Cub Roundtable Commissioner
  • Position Open
  • Scout Roundtable Commissioner
  • Position Open
  • Varsity Roundtable Commissioner
  • Position Open
  • FOS Steering Committee
  • Position Open
  • LDS Chair
  • Position Open
  • Major Gifts
  • Position Open
  • Leadership Chair
  • Position Open
  • Tiger Cub Recruitment
  • Position Open
  • Boy Scout Recruitment Chair
  • Position Open
  • New Unit Chair
  • Position Open
  • Outreach Chair
  • Position Open
  • Activities Chair
  • Position Open
  • WEBELOS Woods/Camporall
  • Position Open
  • Camp Promotions
  • Position Open
  • Youth Protection
  • Position Open
  • Charter Reprentatives
  • Position Open
  • Risk Management Chair
  • Position Open


Friends of Scouting

The tradition of Scouting began 102 years ago in the United States and it continues today to allow youth to develop into leaders of intellectual distinction, moral conviction, ethical direction and possessing an energy that motivates them to make our communities a better place. This does not mean that Scouts are the smartest, fastest, wealthiest or most popular; however it does mean that each one of them will lead a life that will make the world around them better for their families, friends, colleagues and society at large because they are open to growth.

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the best youth organizations in the country because, put simply, young people in Scouting programs excel. When one is reminded of the global impacts of Scouting – that the only men to walk on the moon were Scouts, that the founder of Microsoft was a Scout, or that one of the few people to climb all seven of the world’s highest peaks was also a Scout, and that 30,000 kids a year are in Scouting programs in Orange County – it is easy to offer financial support to the programs that develop the type of confidence needed to scale peaks and walk on the moon. It is just as easy to support the program needs of a young person who lives five miles from the beach but has never been kayaking, or has never spent an entire day outside or never feels the pride during the applause of an entire elementary school upon the dedication of new bookshelves for the school library. These success stories occureveryday in Scouting.

Though simple in concept, advancement through merit badges, community service and outdoor activities offers a world of boundless opportunities. Your generous tax-deductible gift to the Boy Scouts of America provides direct funding for educational initiatives and active learning that program fees alone do not cover – is a statement about your belief in Scouting, our programs and our properties and in our belief in educating the entire mind of the young people

The Friends of Scouting Campaign is the lifeblood of Scouting’s fundraising efforts. Each year parents, volunteers, Scouting alumni, friends and business patrons donate time, energy and financial resources to this much needed yearly campaign. Annual Giving provides the budgetary support for numerous improvements to our properties, expansion of Scouting programs into new markets and increases the chance that every young person in our community will benefit from the impact of Scouting.

Click Here to view the 2014 FOS Brochure

Youth Protection Training